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Bundle Product Fixed Special Price Magento Extension
This extension basically allow the admin to specify special price for bundle product. By default magento doesn't have this feature. The specified special price will be fixed for bundle product regardless of the selection of bundle items when placing an order.
Custom Options Csv Pricing Magento Extension
This extension basically used to save custom options pricing using csv. It will work when you have 2 custom options.
Magento2 Extension Installation
Magento2 Extension Installation Service
Order Mail to Manufacturer Magento Extension
This extension can be used to send an email alert to Manufacturer to update them about the order of their item. And So they can process their orders.
Whitepaper Management Magento Extension
This extension will provide feature to admin using which admin can add different numbers of white papers for the users of the site. User can download white paper by making a request. Request can be made by submitting the "Request form" extension have.